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Speaking Engagements

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! began as a management training tool.  The book was a byproduct of a PowerPoint presentation built as a continuing education opportunity for employees in my own company.  After a few revisions, the training was done and the book was born to tell the behind the scene stories of how the training was developed.

Since then, two training modules have been developed.

  • First, "Cockpit Management" provides the 18,000 foot view of management.  The altitude of 18,000 feet is specific, because, in aviation, pilots must have an instrument rating to fly at or above 18,000 feet.  This high level management discussion focuses on Culture, Mission/Strategy, People and Task Execution.  Topical and humorous, the goal of the presentation is to define necessary basic management characteristics (Ground School) and build from that foundation an ability to manage organizations by monitoring performance (Flight School).  This presentation is geared towards management level employees and fits well in retreat or continuing education environments. 

  • Second, "Management Basic Training" focuses on utilization of specific tools and processes that create effective and efficient workplace habits.  Effective workflow begins by exposing multi-tasking as the impediment that it is to our productivity.  From there, efficiency is built utilizing Microsoft's Outlook platform, training managers on Calendar, Task Creation and Delegation, E-Mail and Voicemail utilization.  The training concludes with an introduction into data and information storage that gives management access to important information in an organized manner.  This presentation is perfect in a series of three one hour segments over coffee or lunch.

For more information on speaking engagements, please submit a contact request below. It will be my pleasure to reach out and see how I can be of service.

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