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Laugh at Yourself

Just when I was getting a little too serious about myself and the writing of Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!, a friend of mine

reminded me of how fun it is to have friends who can make you laugh.

I posted a comment on FaceBook, introducing my book to all seven of my friends. I am not a great Facebook user. Somehow, from my seven to their thousands, I received more than 200 likes, comments, shares and all the other things that happen in social media. Seemingly half of my high school classmates, their friends and their friends were making supportive comments and it started a little movement on book sales.

One post in particular was motivating. A friend posted that he had read it, and that he was inspired by the writing. So much so, that he had purchased copies for his entire staff and was compelling them to read it. Great right?

About five minutes after his post hit social media, he called me. I thanked him for his kind words. He laughed and said, "Hell, I haven't even read the book, but everyone was saying such nice things, I felt like I had to write something that made me sound good."


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